Jul 022016

This month's chat is in two parts; the original just below and a supplement after that!

Hello "Alers", 

   Well July is already here and so I enclose the month's must do list. But firstly I wish to say a bit about the South West Regional Campaigning Day at the beginning of June.  The day was to highlight the plight of many rural pubs that are not on a regular bus route and hundreds of CAMRA "Alers" from Bath to Lands End descended upon the northern edge of Dartmoor visiting eight pubs throughout the day.  The event proved immensely popular and hopefully more days like this should be considered.  North Devon CAMRA would like to thank several of our local breweries for their support and donating barrels of the good stuff which were hastily consumed at £1.50 a pint and the proceeds went to good causes.  A special thanks must go to Mark Partridge (Social Secretary) and Fiona for organising the campaigning.


  2nd July……North Devon CAMRA visit to Hunter's Brewery.  Always a good day.  Contact Mark, our Social Secretary if you would to join the party.

 ……………….The White Lion, Braunton.  Enjoy the new era here with excellent new hosts, superbly kept ales and a selection of traditional pub food.  At 21..00hrs live music will be provided by Alcoplasm.  Sounds all very yummmmmyyy.

   9th July…….BRANCH MEETING @ Golden Lion, High Bickington.  Why not come along and meet the "Alers" committee?

   9th – 10th July……The Old Smithy Inn, Welcome, North Devon.  Two days to make you smile.  They tell me that there's to be 24 ales and 24 ciders and on saturday plenty of live music.  Sounds like I'll be there as I havn't visited The Old Smithy yet.

  23rd – 24th July…..The Grove Inn, Kings Nympton.  Well what more is to be said about Robert and his team?  Being voted North Devon CAMRA's Pub of the Year 2016 I'm please to say that there is to be beer festival for the above two days.  12 ales and 10 ciders to be enjoyed.  On sat there is a magician to entertain and on sun live acoustic music.  See you then Rob!!

30th July……The annual South West Birdman once again takes to the air.  This is a competition to see how far man powered "aviators" can fly off the pier.  If you feel like trying just go along, register and jump in to the cold, wet, nasty salty H2O.  Alternatively why not relax with an excellent pint or two in the local ale houses.  There's several good uns in the town. There is a rumour going around Ilfy that both Jeremy Corbyn and Roy Hodgson may be joining in but they havn't registered YET!!


Magda at The New Inn, Roborough (North Devon CAMRA's Cider Pub of the Year) has told me about her new cider.  Its called "Snails Bank" and is complimented with elder flower, gin and tonic.  How much gin I ask?  I don't want to be told lies so I must investigate this one soon.

A quick reminder about the Great Britain Beer Festival, Olympia, London.  Have you considered a day trip?  Booking in advance can make savings on both train and coach journeys.

Rising Sun, Umberleigh.  After a few sort term hosts over the last few years I'm pleased to say that the new hosts are doing fine. Go by car or train..

The White Lion, Braunton.  Is now a very popular watering hole and has to be taken seriously when real ale is being talked about or even better consuuuuumed.

I would like to thank those that have sent in stories.  If your pub's news wants a mention just contact me,

Contact Chris, our Membership Secretary and joint publicity bloke on the North Devon CAMRA website.

Good july fun,  Chris. Hammond.

Hi again "Alers". Here is the supplement!

   Just a few items to add to the July dates but firstly an apology to Magda at the New Inn, Roborough for the typo in the first July mail out (ed: corrected above).  Am I banned?  Hope not as you have amazing ciders, ales and of course food and at reasonable prices.  Pints of cider, if I remember, from £3.25.

   16th & 17th July.  The Bell Inn, Parkham.  It's their annual beer festival.  This year it will be held in the pub and not the village hall.  Besides the obvious there will be music.  Look forward to seeing you there!!

   15th – 17th July.   ALL THINGS MORRIS, Fore Street, Ilfracombe.  A newish event. Over the last few years and all sorts of thingies happen but the theme relates to anything "Morris" -Cars, dancing,etc.  Do you know anything Morris that could be taken along?  I bet Fiona does but she can't leave him there, too dangerous with the likes of them real ale pubs down there.

   16th July.   Green Man Festival, Pilton, Barnstaple.  Well the real ale part of the festival starts a couple of days earlier in the Reform Inn.. Barum Brewerie's Tim Webster tells me there will be loads of pints to taste and enjoy. Just to get thee going!!  Over the years this event has become a huge success with Pilton Street being cut off from traffic.  The Green Man parade starts from Barnstaple Square at 10.45hrs and proceeds to Pilton arriving about 45 minutes later.  The pageant is to be performed in the grounds of Pilton House at 12.00hrs and 15.00hrs


North Devon Beer Festival was the victim of a strange occurrence.  Sunny, warm weather!!  Although this years' attendance was a little disappointing great ales and ciders were consumed.  There was also foodie things available along with excellent live music.  The vote for the best ale of the festival resulted in a tie between Madrigal and GT Ales -well done both.  Tim W thanks the members of CAMRA that helped serve the ales and ciders throughout. The CAMRA stand received enquiries from several possible new members.

Finally a strange aroma has been detected in "The Panniers", Spoons, Barnstaple.  Bryan has the answer and it will be revealed in next months' mail out.  Regulars Mike Newcombe, Robert and Tom say it is nothing to do them on this occasion.

If you would like an edition of this mail out in our local dialect please email me as I enjoy a good laugh!!

Don't forget to email me with details of your events   Contact Chris, our Membership Secretary and joint publicity bloke .

Bottoms up to all "Alers"

Chris. Hammond